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 The Fine Point Active Stylus with Tap Function series (AS807)  

The best Auto-Clicker function for tap function games app!
This is the epoch-making active touch stylus pen, The strong function of this stylus pen is not only for fluent writing or painting on iPad, iPhone series or capacitive touch screen, but also for convenient and quick gaming on special game app. Its' unique design “tap function” owns the global patent.

We are the professional manufacturer stylus supplier
We have rich experience to do different kinds of products, so we know the characteristics of material deeply. We obey to its nature and make full use of it. When capacitive stylus fix onto touch screen, the inner part offer a strength to fix on two sides of touch screen, and the outer part offer conductivity and strong strength to make it fix on top and bottom of touch screen very good sensitivity.


* Click first the button to start. LED will emit blue light. It uses for writing or painting.
* For gaming, click the button again, it will emit LED green light and start the auto click 10 times function.
* Click the button again, it will emit LED white light and start the auto click 20 times function.
* Universal compatible with iPad, iPhone and Android devices, Microsoft surface pro 3/4.
* Tip size only 2 mm, special PET tip material, easy to smooth touch and more durable.
* An accurate touching experience that follows the movement of your hand.
* No need extra receiver or Bluetooth device.
* This is a standard micro USB connector that is compatible with any standard USB charging cable.
* The stylus will not work while charging. it fully charges in approximately last up to 6~8 hours .
* To replace a new tip, just use your fingers to grasp and pull out the old tip and insert a new one.

• Taiwan/China/United States/Japan
• Accept OEM and customised order

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