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 Patent Mesh Fabric Stylus series (AS001~AS038)  

Patent Micro-Knit mesh fabric stylus with high quality finish and multi function!
Friendly tip cover designed to avoid scratch on panel during. It is suitable for writing, drawing, gaming or any use where you need a finger control on the smart device. The touch pen can improve the contact sensitivity than your finger control. Fully compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, HTC and so on.

We are the professional manufacturer stylus supplier
We have rich experience to do different kinds of products, so we know the characteristics of material deeply. We obey to its nature and make full use of it. When capacitive stylus fix onto touch screen, the inner part offer a strength to fix on two sides of touch screen, and the outer part offer conductivity and strong strength to make it fix on top and bottom of touch screen very good sensitivity.



* Patent conductive fabric touch pen material designed with conductive fiber cloth material.
* Useful practicability and trendy colors to make it your favorite pen.
* High-sensitivity, Omni-directional point will not scratch or smudge your touch screen.
* Multi function design and new Micro-Knit conductive mesh fabric stylus tip design.
* Offer high-quality customized logo design by rendering pictures, laser engraving or imprint on pen body.
* This provides a far more accurate drawing experience than any other capacities stylus to date.
* We offer the manufacture, ID design, depth of process.
* Mechanism design for total quality management.

• Warranty/RoHs Ready

* Taiwan/Japan.
* Accept OEM and customised order.

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