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 iTouch Stylus Pen AS 013  

Greater control and Hight-sensitivity!
It’s made from special materials designed specifically for touch screen products, this stylus will let you type faster and with greater accuracy. iTouch Stylus is perfect for writting, drawing, gaming or any use where you need a finer degree of control than your finger cannot offer. Moreover, it’s slim and lightweight that can take with you everywhere.

Hi-sensitivity Micro-Knit Technology fabric tip designed
Micro-Knit conductive fiber cloth material stylus is easy to operate with its precise touch and control. Patent conductive fabric touch pen material designed with special materials (Micro-Knit conductive fiber tip) the use of more smooth, sensitive and easy to clean.

Length of pen(with pen tip): 100 mm ± 2 mm, Weight of pen: 15 g/pcs,
Diameter of pen: 9 mm, Diameter of pen tip: 6 mm


• Lips stick style stylus, elegant and generous.
• Stream line appearance and sense of modern.
• Patent conductive fabric touch pen material designed with conductive fiber cloth material.
• This provides a far more accurate drawing experience than any other capacitive stylus to date.
• High-sensitivity, Omni-directional point will not scratch or smudge your touch screen.
• High quality alloy copper pen design.
• Offer high-quality customized logo design by rendering pictures, laser engraving or imprint on pen body.
• Color: Jet Black, Lunar Blue, Metallic Silver, Champagne, Pink, Purple and White.
• Sharp reaction. Easy and smooth writing. Specially designed for Apple iPad 16GB, 32GB, 64GB WiFi + 3G, iPad 2, The new iPad, iPhone, iPod, HTC, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, All Touch Screen Tablets.

• Warranty/RoHs Ready

• Taiwan/China/United States/Japan

  Tensile Test & Crock test
First we have to test the product, and then we have to promote it.
Our Conductive fabric tip mainly are tiny spring cover with silicon and wrapped with conductive fabric. Purpose of these 3 element is to make the tip smooth and easy for writing and the spring keeps the tip centralized and stable and avoid hard impact on the screen.
  The Best Capacitive Touch
These products offer conductivity through their material test. High-sensitivity, Omni-directional point will not scratch or smudge your touch screen.
Even you wear gloves.It is also perfect for cold days when you don't want to remove your gloves.
  Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals
HuntWave Industrial Co., Ltd. has been designing & manufacturing the latest new conductive fiber cloth material stylus design.
Our special paten stylus design is different from other solutions. The products of our competitors which are without the quality and durability of solution combination are far behind ours products.
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