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 iTouch Artist Brush Stylus Pen AS 303, Paintbrush Stylus for Touchscreens  

The perfect paint brush stylus to create on your digital canvas
The Artist brush stylus is the ultimate tool for digital artists. It delivers an authentic painting experience on your tablet or smartphone. Paint brush stylus is modeled after a real paintbrush and creates an unrivaled experience working with graphics apps on a touch screen, which is perfect for a tablet device like the iPad.

The artist brush stylus is the ultimate tool for digital artists
Paint brush stylus for touch screens features a new, all-synthetic brush tip, which is flexible, soft, and provides superior feedback. There are good ideal for drawing, painting and other graphics editing tasks.

Length of pen(with pen tip): 167~145 mm ± 2 mm, Weight of pen: 19.5 g/pcs,
Diameter of pen: 69 mm, Diameter of pen tip: 6 mm,
Length of brush pen tip: 12.9~13.9 mm, Diameter of brush pen tip: 4 mm


• Protect brush cap design - Avoid brush bending or bifurcation design.
• 3-in-1 use of innovation design: Artist brush stylus, ball pen and fabric stylus function.
• The brush stylus works great for capacitive touchscreens like iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Google Nexus S, and other devices.
• The tool truly shines when used with your favorite drawing and painting apps, such as ArtRage, Sketchbook Pro, Paper by Studio 53, Procreate, Auryn Ink, and SketchTime.
• All-synthetic brush tip with conductive properties to help great for sketching and writing.

• Warranty/RoHs Ready

• Taiwan

  Tensile Test & Crock test
First we have to test the product, and then we have to promote it.
Our Conductive fabric tip mainly are tiny spring cover with silicon and wrapped with conductive fabric. Purpose of these 3 element is to make the tip smooth and easy for writing and the spring keeps the tip centralized and stable and avoid hard impact on the screen.
  The Best Capacitive Touch
These products offer conductivity through their material test. High-sensitivity, Omni-directional point will not scratch or smudge your touch screen.
Even you wear gloves.It is also perfect for cold days when you don't want to remove your gloves.
  Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals
HuntWave Industrial Co., Ltd. has been designing & manufacturing the latest new conductive fiber cloth material stylus design.
Our special paten stylus design is different from other solutions. The products of our competitors which are without the quality and durability of solution combination are far behind ours products.
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