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 iTouch Active Stylus Pen AS 802 (4A battery solution), The Fine Point Active Stylus Factory  

Greater control and Hight-sensitivity!
Active stylus reacts to a light touch just like pen writing on paper. Capturing your sketching and writing in your own handwriting. As a result, using New Active stylus is that much more engaging and delightful.

We are the professional manufacturer stylus supplier
We have rich experience to do different kinds of products, so we know the characteristics of material deeply. We obey to its nature and make full use of it. When capacitive stylus fix onto touch screen, the inner part offer a strength to fix on two sides of touch screen, and the outer part offer conductivity and strong strength to make it fix on top and bottom of touch screen very good sensitivity.


• Compatible with iPad 1/2/3/4, iPad mini 1/2/3, iPad Air 1/2 and iPhone4/4S/5/5S/5C/6/6+, HTC New one, HTC Butterfly, Samsung S-pen series.
• Tip size only 2 mm, precision handwriting , just like a high-quality ball-point pen.
• For writing, graphic and touching on screen will be greatly enchanced actuarial standards.
• An accurate touching experience that foiiows the movement of your hand.
• No need extra receiver or Bluetooth Device.
• Twist-action power-switch and 1 set of 4A battery.
• To replace a new tip, just use your fingers to grasp and pull out the old tip and insert a new one.

• Taiwan/China/United States/Japan
• Accept OEM and customised order

Length of pen(with pen tip): 132~138 mm ± 2 mm, Weight of pen: 30~35 g/pcs,
Diameter of pen: 12.18 mm, Diameter of pen tip: 2 mm

  Tip size only 2 mm.
An aerospace material technology has now developed a better durable last nib. The technology enables the touch pen tip reduce to 2 mm. Bring more to enhance accuracy in the writing and drawing.
  The Best Precision Touch
General stylus is using human touch induced weak current approach to achieve the purpose, while a new generation of active stylus is simulated using an internal circuit board body sensors characteristics, active transmitter signals to drive the touch panel. The technology enables the touch pen tip reduce to 2 mm. Bring more to enhance accuracy in the writing and drawing.
  Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals
HuntWave Industrial Co., Ltd. has been designing & manufacturing the latest new conductive fiber cloth material stylus design.
Our special paten stylus design is different from other solutions. The products of our competitors which are without the quality and durability of solution combination are far behind ours products.
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